4mm Cushion Vinyl Planks 228 mm width

$30.00 sq m

4mm Cushion Vinyl Planks offers you the best in design with its striking 1.524 meter length and 228 width boards, commercial quality durability and the extra thickness to keep your floor cool in the Summer and warm in Winter. 4mm Cushion Planks allow you to easily transform your space with out the hassle of clicking mechanisms and is simple to cut to shape yourself. Cushion planks are a great option in multi level homes or apartments to minimise the transfer of sound downstairs.

Length: 1524 mm

Width: 228 mm

Thickness: 4 mm

Actual Area (sq m)
Total Price

Package Details


15 kg


1524 × 228 × 35 mm

Area per Carton:

2.43 m²

Pieces per Carton:

7 Planks

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