Instyle Oaks

$85.00 sq m

Instyle Oaks harnesses the natural beauty, texture and feel of European oak. In addition to their superb contemporary appearance, Instyle Oaks feature a revolutionary ‘Air-dried 48 Finish’ providing outstanding protection for your timber floor.

‘Air-dried 48 Finish’ is a unique manufacturing process that allows the UV-cured urethane finish to saturate dry on the surface over a 48-hour period, penetrating the timber and resulting in a surface that resists abrasion 14 times better than regular oils.

Ease of installation and maintenance make Instyle Oaks to preferred options for anyone looking to add timber to their home or add real value to their renovation project.

Length: 1900 mm

Width: 183 mm

Thickness: 15 mm (4 mm veneer)

Actual Area (sq m)
Total Price

Package Details


20.5 kg


1930 × 210 × 90 mm

Area per carton:

2.08 m²

Pieces per carton:

6 Boards

Installation Video

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